i like coffee, biology, and big cities.

omg I love when ppl tell me about someone they like or are in love with or what it’s like pls do that rn everyone do it!!

idk what i’m doing 


girls with short hair are hotter than any boy. so thats why boys get upset when girls cut their hair off. case solved

finding housing is such a pain and like I have no one to live with agAIN and I just keep getting tossed to the side and yep life wh4t3v3r

i laid in bed all day thinking about the way i could see him smiling at me in the car and how i felt goosebumps all over when my skin touched his and how we could talk about our futures forever and how much i appreciated that we had different perspectives but somehow it clicked and i just want to get to know him into deeper layers and i’ll never get tired of the way his face creases when he smiles and his willingness to share himself with me and i wanted to hold his hand so badly when we were at the top of the hills looking down at the city and i want to spend so many more moments with him so that i can write 1500 diary entries talking about the way my heart flipped over when he looked at me and really saw me for who i am

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